Autumn Prayer

Chrysanthemums are replacing the petunias at the farmers’ markets, and the open-aired bins are filled with brightly-colored, plump tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and the sweetest of fresh corn. The time of ripening and unfolding is at hand. Through the connection with the sun, the soil and the water – the rhythms of creation, life has unfolded …

Everybody Loves Me, Baby, What’s the Matter with You?

Pathwork teaches us that our Child Consciousness processes life in absolutes, or 100%/0% – while in reality it’s 50/50. As a Love Type my Child Consciousness manifests as, “You either love me or you dislike me.”  Moreover, anybody who doesn’t love me is a threat to me, and, loving is a defense mechanism. I’ve had hundreds of …

The Rest of the Iceberg

The obtaining of one’s quest for authenticity, wholeness and enlightenment, does not require lightning flashes or the discovery of some holy grail. It simply requires a slight shift in position, namely, owning our negative thinking. The mind is receiving and reviewing many hundreds of negative thoughts each day, and will continue to do so for the rest of …

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