By: Judy Talbert

For a number of years I have kept a photograph of my stepdaughter near my desk. In the photo she is probably about 4-years-old. She is seated on her tricycle, looking out at the camera with a grin and a look of total abandon and joy. I know it is summer, because she is totally naked … and she is ready to roll.

When you look at this photo you know that in just an instant the streamers on the handlebars of her tricycle were going to be flowing in wind. There was no question that she was ready ­ for whatever. She is filled with joy. She did not doubt that she was loved, cared for or that she was enough.

I keep it near my desk to remind me of the joy that is possible, not just for children, but for us as adults. Maybe not nude bike riding, but deep joy. The joy of the spirit ­of the soul.

I have had moments, or maybe hours, of that kind of joy, but not often. But, way too often in my life I am twitterpated. This is a word we use in my family to express the emotional and physical experience of upset over situations that maybe really don’t deserve so much tight focus and absolute concern. It carries the sense that only can make the situation turn out right. Maybe you are familiar with that feeling?

We are people working and studying Pathwork. We believe in a life of spirit. We believe there is a spiritual realm at hand every moment of our lives. And, we believe that spiritual realm is not only ready but desiring to aide us. And yet, it is so easy to become twitterpated. In a moment-to-moment experience of life, I forget that the my Higher Self resides within me ready to help and guide.

I need to be reminded frequently that the Guide has said that we have not been abandoned to live with only our Mask and Lower Self. The Higher Self is closer to each one of us than our next breath. We are indeed loved and cared for beyond measure. There is help at hand as we organize our day. There is help at hand as we deal with difficult situations. All we need to do is ask, listen, wait. Certainly a simple message, but not necessarily an easy one.

If you are having too many experiences of “twitterpation” in your life, then my message is one of encouragement. The Guide tells us we can know joy. If we consistently rely on Spirit, our lives can be filled with more joy in all of its forms. I bring this message with the hope that we will all have a few more moments this fall when the streamers from our handlebars blow in the wind!

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