All Pathwork Lectures

The Pathwork®  lectures, offer a remarkable road map to personal and spiritual transformation. All Pathwork teachings, workshops, etc. are based on these lectures.

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Lectures for All Newcomers
(Lectures recommended for those new to Pathwork)

Here’s a list of all lecture titles by number

  1. The Sea of Life
  2. Decisions and Tests
  3. Choosing Your Destiny – The Will to Change
  4. World Weariness
  5. Happiness for Yourself or Happiness as a Link in the Chain of Life
  6. The Human Role in the Spiritual and Material Universes
  7. Asking for Help and Helping Others
  8. Mediumship – How to Contact God’s Spirit World
  9. Prayer and Meditation – The Lord’s Prayer
  10. Male and Female Incarnations: Their Rhythms and Causes
  11. Self-Knowledge – The Great Plan – The Spirit World
  12. The Order and Diversity of the Spiritual Worlds – The Process of Reincarnation
  13. Positive Thinking: the Right and the Wrong Kind
  14. The Higher Self, the Lower Self, and the Mask
  15. Influence Between the Spiritual World and the Material World
  16. Spiritual Nourishment – Willpower
  17. The Call – Daily Review
  18. Free Will
  19. Jesus Christ
  20. God: The Creation
  21. The Fall
  22. Salvation
  23. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  24. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  25. The Path: Initial Steps, Preparation, and Decisions
  26. Finding One’s Faults
  27. Escape Possible Also on the Path
  28. Communication with God – Daily Review
  29. The Forces of Activity and Passivity – Finding God’s Will
  30. Self-Will, Pride and Fear
  31. Shame
  32. Decision-Making
  33. Occupation with Self – Right and Wrong Faith
  34. Preparation for Reincarnation
  35. Turning to God
  36. Prayer
  37. Acceptance, Right and Wrong Way – Dignity in Humility
  38. Images
  39. Image-Finding
  40. More on Image-Finding: A Summary
  41. Images: The Damage They Do
  42. Christmas Blessings – Objectivity and Subjectivity
  43. Three Basic Personality Types: Reason, Will, Emotion
  44. The Forces of Love, Eros, and Sex
  45. The Conflict Between Conscious and Unconscious Desires
  46. Authority
  47. The Wall Within
  48. The Life Force in the Universe
  49. Obstacles on the Path: Old Stuff, Wrong Guilt, and Who, Me?
  50. The Vicious Circle
  51. Importance of Forming Independent Opinions
  52. The God-Image
  53. Self-Love
  54. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  55. Three Cosmic Principles: the Expanding, the Restricting, and the Static Principles
  56. Capacity to Wish – Healthy and Unhealthy Motives in Desire
  57. The Mass Image of Self-Importance
  58. The Desire for Happiness and the Desire for Unhappiness
  59. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  60. The Abyss of Illusion – Freedom and Self-Responsibility
  61. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  62. Man and Woman
  63. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  64. Outer Will and Inner Will – Misconception About Selfishness
  65. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  66. Shame of the Higher Self
  67. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  68. Suppression of Positive and Creative Tendencies – Thought Processes
  69. The Folly of Watching for Results While on the Path; Fulfillment or Suppression of the Valid Desire to be Loved
  70. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  71. Reality and Illusion – Concentration Exercises
  72. The Fear of Loving
  73. Compulsion to Recreate and Overcome Childhood Hurts
  74. Confusions and Hazy Motivations
  75. The Great Transition in Human Development From Isolation to Union
  76. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  77. Self-Confidence: Its True Origin and What Prohibits It
  78. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  79. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  80. Cooperation, Communication, Union
  81. Conflicts in the World of Duality
  82. The Conquest of Duality Symbolized in the Life and Death of Jesus
  83. The Idealized Self-Image
  84. Love, Power, Serenity as Divine Attributes and as Distortions
  85. Distortions of the Instincts of Self-Preservation and Procreation
  86. The Instincts of Self-Preservation and Procreation in Conflict
  87. The Next Phase on the Path: Questions and Answers
  88. Religion: True and False
  89. Emotional Growth and Its Function
  90. Moralizing – Disproportionate Reactions – Needs
  91. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  92. Repressed Needs – Relinquishing Blind Needs – Primary and Secondary Reactions
  93. The Link Between the Main Image, Repressed Needs, and Defenses
  94. Sin and Neurosis – Unifying the Inner Split
  95. Self-Alienation and the Way Back to the Real Self
  96. Questions and Answers – Laziness as Symptom of Self-Alienation (1996 Edition Only)
  97. Perfectionism Obstructs Happiness – Manipulation of Emotions
  98. Wishful Daydreams
  99. Falsified Impressions of Parents: Their Cause and Cure
  100. Meeting the Pain of Destructive Patterns
  101. The Defense
  102. The Seven Cardinal Sins
  103. Harm of too Much Love-Giving – Constructive and Destructive Will Forces
  104. Intellect and Will as Tools or Hindrances of Self-Realization
  105. Humanity’s Relationship to God in Various Stages of Development
  106. Sadness versus Depression – Relationship
  107. Three Aspects That Prevent Loving
  108. Fundamental Guilt for Not Loving – Obligations
  109. Spiritual and Emotional Health Through Restitution for Real Guilt
  110. Hope and Faith and Other Key Concepts from Answers to Questions (1996 Edition Only)
  111. Soul-Substance – Coping With Demands
  112. Humanity’s Relationship to Time
  113. Identification with the Self
  114. Struggle: Healthy and Unhealthy
  115. Perception, Determination, Love as Aspects of Consciousness
  116. Reaching the Spiritual Center – Struggle Between the Lower Self and the Superimposed Conscience
  117. Shame: A Legacy of Childhood Experiences, Even Favorable Ones
  118. Duality Through Illusion – Transference
  119. Movement, Consciousness, Experience: Pleasure, the Essence of Life
  120. The Individual and Humanity
  121. Displacement, Substitution, Superimposition
  122. Self-Fulfillment Through Self-Realization as Man or Woman
  123. Liberation and Peace by Overcoming Fear of the Unknown
  124. The Language of the Unconscious
  125. Transition from the No-Current to the Yes-Current
  126. Contact With the Life Force
  127. Evolution’s Four Stages: Automatic Reflexes, Awareness, Understanding, Knowing
  128. Limitations Created Through Illusory Alternatives
  129. Winner versus Loser: Interplay Between the Self and Creative Forces
  130. Finding True Abundance by Going Through Your Fear
  131. Interaction Between Expression and Impression
  132. The Function of the Ego in Relationship to the Real Self
  133. Love: Not a Commandment, But Spontaneous Soul Movement of the Inner Self
  134. The Concept of Evil
  135. Mobility in Relaxation – Suffering Through Attachment of the Life Force to Negative Situations
  136. The Illusory Fear of the Self
  137. Balance of Inner and Outer Control
  138. The Human Predicament of Desire For, and Fear of, Closeness
  139. Deadening of the Live Center Through Misinterpretation of Reality
  140. Conflict of Positive versus Negative Oriented Pleasure as the Origin of Pain
  141. Return to the Original Level of Perfection
  142. The Longing for and the Fear of Happiness – Also, the Fear of Releasing the Little Ego
  143. Unity and Duality
  144. The Process and Significance of Growing
  145. Responding to the Call of Life
  146. The Positive Concept of Life – Fearlessness to Love – The Balance Between Activity and Passivity
  147. The Nature of Life and Human Nature
  148. Positivity and Negativity: One Energy Current
  149. Cosmic Pull Toward Union – Frustration
  150. Self-Liking: The Condition for Universal State of Bliss
  151. Intensity: An Obstacle to Self-Realization
  152. Connection Between the Ego and the Universal Power
  153. The Self-Regulating Nature of Involuntary Processes
  154. Pulsation of Consciousness
  155. Fear of Self – Giving and Receiving
  156. Questions and Answers (1996 Edition Only)
  157. Infinite Possibilities of Experience Hindered by Emotional Dependency
  158. The Ego’s Cooperation With or Obstruction of the Real Self
  159. Life Manifestation Reflects Dualistic Illusion
  160. Conciliation of the Inner Split
  161. Unconscious Negativity Endangers Surrender of Ego to Involuntary Processes
  162. Three Levels of Reality for Inner Guidance
  163. Mind Activity and Mind Receptivity
  164. Further Aspects of Polarity – Selfishness
  165. Evolutionary Phases in the Relationship Between the Realms of Feelings, Reason, and Will
  166. Perceiving, Reacting, Expressing
  167. Frozen Life Center Becomes Alive
  168. Two Basic Ways of Life: Toward and Away From the Center
  169. The Masculine and Feminine Principles in the Creative Process
  170. Fear of Bliss versus Longing for It – The Energy Centers
  171. Spiritual Laws
  172. The Life Energy Centers
  173. Basic Attitudes and Practices to Open the Centers – The Right Attitude Toward Frustration
  174. Self-Esteem
  175. Consciousness: Fascination with Creation
  176. Overcoming Negativity
  177. Pleasure – The Full Pulsation of Life
  178. The Universal Principle of Growth Dynamics
  179. Chain Reactions in the Dynamics of Creative Life Substance
  180. The Spiritual Significance of Human Relationship
  181. The Meaning of the Human Struggle
  182. The Process of Meditation (Meditation for Three Voices: Ego, Lower Self, Higher Self)
  183. The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis
  184. The Meaning of Evil and its Transcendence
  185. Mutuality: A Cosmic Principle and Law
  186. Venture in Mutuality: Healing Force to Change Negative Inner Will
  187. (The Way to Handle) Alternation of Expansive and Contracting States
  188. Affecting and Being Affected
  189. Self-Identification Determined Through Stages of Consciousness
  190. Importance of Experiencing All Feelings, Including Fear – The Dynamic State of Laziness
  191. Inner and Outer Experience
  192. Real and False Needs
  193. Resume of the Basic Principles of the Pathwork: Its Aim and Process
  194. Meditation: Laws and Approaches – A Summary (Meditation as Positive Life Creation)
  195. Identification with the Spiritual Self to Overcome Negative Intentionality
  196. Commitment: Cause and Effect
  197. Energy and Consciousness in Distortion: Evil
  198. Transition to Positive Intentionality
  199. The Meaning of the Ego and its Transcendence
  200. The Cosmic Feeling
  201. Demagnetizing Negative Force Fields – Pain of Guilt
  202. Psychic Interaction of Negativity
  203. Interpenetration of the Divine Light Spark into the Outer Regions – Mind Exercises
  204. What is the Path?
  205. Order as a Universal Principle
  206. Desire: Creative or Destructive
  207. The Spiritual Symbolism and Significance of Sexuality
  208. The Innate Human Capacity to Create
  209. The Roscoe Lecture: Inspiration for the Pathwork Center
  210. Visualization Process for Growing Into the Unitive State
  211. Outer Events Reflect Self-Creation – Three Stages
  212. Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness
  213. The Spiritual and Practical Meaning of “Let Go, Let God”
  214. Psychic Nuclear Points
  215. Psychic Nuclear Points Continued – Process in the Now
  216. Connection Between the Incarnatory Process and the Life Task
  217. The Phenomenon of Consciousness
  218. The Evolutionary Process
  219. Christmas Message – Message to the Children
  220. Reawakening from Pre-Incarnatory Anesthesia
  221. Faith and Doubt in Truth or Distortion
  222. Transformation of the Lower Self
  223. The Era of the New Age and New Consciousness
  224. Creative Emptiness
  225. Evolutionary Stages of Individual and Group Consciousness
  226. Approach to Self – Self-Forgiveness Without Condoning the Lower Self
  227. Change from Outer to Inner Laws in the New Age
  228. Balance
  229. Woman and Man in the New Age
  230. The Universality of Change – Reincarnative Process in the Same Life Span
  231. New Age Education
  232. Being Values versus Appearance Values – Self-Identification
  233. The Power of the Word
  234. Perfection, Immortality, Omnipotence
  235. The Anatomy of Contraction
  236. The Superstition of Pessimism
  237. Leadership – The Art of Transcending Frustration
  238. The Pulse of Life on all Levels of Manifestation
  239. Christmas Lecture 1975
  240. Aspects of the Anatomy of Love: Self-Love, Structure, Freedom
  241. Dynamics of Movement and Resistance to its Nature
  242. The Spiritual Meaning of Political Systems
  243. The Great Existential Fear and Longing
  244. “Be in the World but Not of the World” – The Evil of Inertia
  245. Cause and Effect on Various Levels of Consciousness
  246. Tradition: Its Divine and Distorted Aspects
  247. The Mass Images of Judaism and Christianity
  248. Three Principles of the Forces of Evil – Personification of Evil
  249. The Pain of Injustice – Cosmic Records of All Personal and Collective Events, Deeds, Expressions
  250. Inner Awareness of Grace – Exposing the Deficit
  251. The Evolution and Spiritual Meaning of Marriage – New Age Marriage
  252. Privacy and Secrecy
  253. Continue Your Struggle and Cease all Struggle
  254. Surrender
  255. The Birthing Process – Cosmic Pulse
  256. Inner Space, Focused Emptiness
  257. Aspects of the New Divine Influx: Communication, Group Consciousness, Exposure
  258. Personal Contact with Jesus Christ – Positive Aggression – The Real Meaning of Salvation
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