Pathwork is a body of practical spiritual wisdom that lays out a step by step journey into personal transformation based on 258 lectures.  It is a voyage of discovery to the Real Self through the layers of our defenses, denial and fear.  Pathwork originated in New York City around 1957 and now has a strong presence in North America, Europe, South America and  Australia.  Visit www.pathwork.org for more information about the international organization.

Sue Van DoerenSue Van Doeren is the founder and Spiritual Director of Pittsburgh Pathwork. She has trained in Pathwork for 22 years. including completing the Teacher and Helpership trainings, and is a retired clinical social worker who worked in the field  as a psychotherapist for 43 years.

The Pittsburgh Pathwork offers three programs available to anyone interested in cultivating a deeper level of spiritual wisdom:

The First Wednesday Lecture Series offers a different Pathwork lecture presented the first Wednesday of each month (October through June) with homework,  exercises, group discussion and meditation.  This lecture series is FREE and the open to anyone interested in learning more about Pathwork.  For a current schedule and more information about the First Wednesday lecture series visit our “Events” page or just click here.

Intensive Workshops are offered two or three times a year featuring Pathwork helpers from Philadelphia and other regions.   A listing of  workshops to come and information will be found on the “Events” page when they are scheduled.   There is a cost to the workshops and this information will be included when the workshop is announced.

Pathwork Transformation Program (TP) is the heart and soul of Pathwork.  To date, Pittsburgh has graduated one class of TP participants in the spring of 2016, and will graduate its second class in the summer of 2019.  The transformation program occurs in blocks :   the conscious ego, overcoming negativity, relationships, connection to God and manifesting.  Each session includes lecture study, extensive homework, deep individual personal work and in the TP group.    TP training is the prerequisite to the training to become a Pathwork Teacher and Pathwork Helper.

The Pathwork Board is a group of individuals who are responsible for managing Pittsburgh Pathwork, growing the community, hosting lectures, workshops and other events.  Those serving on the Board are either graduates of advanced Pathwork Training, or are currently enrolled in an advanced class.

The Board created the following intention to guide its work, and it is read at the beginning of each Board meeting;

Our intention as the Pathwork Board is to build and maintain a viable Pathwork Community in Pittsburgh, to love the creation of it, to work with one another with integrity and respect, and to support each other’s personal growth in a way that is contactful, productive and full of light.

We will get results by moving from the inside out, using all of our gifts and talents. Guided by the Pathwork principles, we will perform tasks with willingness and relevance. We will face the inevitable conflicts that will arise between us openly and head on. The Pathwork principle of self-responsibility will be used to detect our own negativity, with the aim of always getting to greater love and light. With Divine Guidance, the Pathwork Board will be a force for transformation in the community of Pittsburgh.

The Pathwork Teacher’s Council is a group of teacher’s who support the growth of all the Pathwork Teachers in our region.  To guide their work, their intention is as follows:

The intention of the Teachers’ Council is to provide outstanding Pathwork programming in the region. As such, we will schedule programs and empower teachers who wish to schedule programs. Our primary means of support will be from the inside out, using Pathwork principles in all of our Teachers’ Council interactions. We will give time and attention to each other in a spirit of generosity and mindful communication. We will strive to have our spoken thoughts be brief, concise and succinct. We will give and receive feedback as lovingly and consciously as possible, always being responsible for our inner experience.

Pathwork® is a registered service mark of the Pathwork Foundation www.pathwork.org.