Benefits of Pathwork

The benefits of Pathwork® include:

  • Less fear and anxiety
  • More freedom
  • A greater feeling of connection (with self and others)
  • Ability to experience pleasure and joy (and to be able to hold onto that experience)
  • Enhanced communication
  • More empowered to take on new challenges
  • More in the flow of life
  • A greater connection with a higher power
  • Better understanding of yourself (we are complicated!)
  • More acceptance and compassion for yourself

Slide to view some testimonials from actual Pittsburghers who have been working the path.

  • “Pathwork’s guidance to examine, claim, confront and transform negative energies has unleashed all of who I am; my Divine strengths, gifts, and vulnerabilities.  This has resulted in an incredibly joyful experience of shared life with all of creation.”

    –Linda Philpott, Bradfordwoods, PA

  • “Pathwork taught me to face and transform the causes in me behind my scared, negative, cruel, lonely, and blind life creations. I live now with a profound feeling of safety; a loving and lively family, prosperity, and the joy of passing this work on to others.

    –Carolyn Tilove, Forest Hills, PA

  • “I’ve gotten so much out of Pathwork; it would take hours to recount it all. The most cherished is how my wife and I (both strong personalities) are able to be deeply and passionately in love after 15 years. Pathwork taught us how to resolve conflicts, yes, but moreover, the secrets of keeping eros alive over the long haul.”

    –Billy Weil, Brookline, PA

  • “Pathwork began to transform my life the moment I learned that I was not the only person that had the constant nagging of anxiety, self-doubt and fear.I thought something was wrong with me then learned we all have these thoughts. It is the human condition. I am normal – what a relief! These issues, and others, are 90% gone. When they do arise, I know what to do – and they melt away.”

    –Kim Fitzpatrick, Wexford, PA

  • “Pathwork has led me to have the deepest trust in myself that I have ever experienced, both psychologically and spiritually.  The ongoing pursuit of revealing my most difficult places to myself with honesty and compassion has brought me to greater connection with myself and others. I have less and less that I feel compelled to be defensive or protective about.  What a relief! What a path to joyfulness and fulfillment!”

    –Dinnie Goldring, Pittsburgh, PA

  • “Pathwork continually awakens the Divine within me and opens me to the manifestation of limitless possibilities.”

    –Debbie Davis, Pittsburgh, PA

  • “Pathwork has shown me how to show up in my own Life, how to be exquisitely intimate with that Life, and accepting all that it has to offer.”

    –Julie Trapl, Imperial, PA

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