Board Purpose and Members

The Pittsburgh Pathwork Board is a working board that is responsible for all Pathwork-related activity in the region.

Pittsburgh Pathwork Board of Directors

  • JoAnn Brickley, Spiritual Director, Teachers’ Council, Helpers’ Council
  • Barbara Jean Nagrant, President, Teachers’ Council
  • Billy Weil, Vice President, Teachers’ Council (Chair), Connections Committee
  • Judy Talbert, Spiritual Director Emeritus, Teachers’ Council, Helpers’ Council
  • Joann Gago, President Emeritus, Teachers’ Council
  • Judy Kuechenmeister, Abundance Committee (Chair)
  • Debbie Davis, Memory Keeper
  • Peg Pohuly, Connections Committee (Chair); Newsletter
  • Julie Trapl, Community Steward, Community Heart
  • Dinnie Goldring, Helpers’ Council (Chair)
  • Angela Shearon, Connections Committee
  • Helene Guarente, Growing Spaces (Chair)

The Board created the following intention to guide its work, and it is read at the beginning of each Board meeting.

Our intention as the Pathwork Board is to build and maintain a viable Pathwork Community in Pittsburgh, to love the creation of it, to work with one another with integrity and respect, and to support each other’s personal growth in a way that is contactful, productive and full of light.

We will get results by moving from the inside out, using all of our gifts and talents. Guided by the Pathwork principles, we will perform tasks with willingness and relevance. We will face the inevitable conflicts that will arise between us openly and head on. The Pathwork principle of self-responsibility will be used to detect our own negativity, with the aim of always getting to greater love and light. With Divine Guidance, the Pathwork Board will be a force for transformation in the community of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Pathwork is actively committed to building a more equitable and diverse community to broaden and inform our individual perspectives and collective consciousness. 

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