Pittsburgh Pathwork committees get the job done for the region. All committees are chaired by a Pittsburgh Pathwork Board member – and everyone is invited to join a committee.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of joining a committee, or just want to learn more, please CONTACT US.

At present we have the following committees.

  1. Financial Abundance – This committee keeps all financial records, receives and processes all payments for workshops, donations, books, etc., collects all cash donations, handles deposits, pays all bills, does internal audits, etc.
  2. Growing Spaces – deals with
    1. Finding spaces and
    2. Producing events (including on-site logistics like setting up tables and chairs, snacks, audio/visual equipment, greeting people as they arrive, etc.)
  3. Connections Committee – deals with:
    1. Outreach, which includes
      1. Inviting people to participate (more with attraction than promotion),
      2. The website, email, social media, etc.
      3. Looking for ways to impact the community (e.g., finding places like schools, community groups, prisons to offer this work)
    2. Helping create connections with people at events
  4. Teachers’ Council – develops and oversees all Pathwork training and educational programs
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