Spiritual Hunger

By: Sue Van Doeren

Most of us who are blessed to have sufficient resources to live reasonably are spiritually hungry and do not know it.  We can’t exactly pinpoint the subtle  but pervasive feeling of emptiness and deadness that comes from the hole in our soul because we are cut off from our spiritual nature.

We are hard wired to organize our lives around the material and psychological world- our physical needs and the needs of our individual and collective egos for security, gratification and approval.  We frantically manage our homes, jobs, cars, wardrobes, finances, health, relationships and our sense of self and personal viability as they get established in all of these responsibilities.  We feel anxious and overwhelmed by all that is on our plate and console ourselves with excessive food, chemicals, shopping and television.  This over involvement  in our physical and psychological identities cannot touch that place deep inside where we feel empty and dead.  Only spiritual nourishment can. Our souls are bereft because our priorities are out of balance.  It is not that our needs to survive, to make our way in the world and for personal viability are unimportant.  They simply are not most important.

We hunger for love, connection, compassion, peace, brotherhood, acceptance, and serenity but do not sufficiently invest our resources in bringing these spiritual realities to bear in our lives.  There is a major discrepancy between the investment we make  in the material and psychological world and the world of the spirit.  Our human resistance to spirit tells us that we don’t have the time or money to invest in spiritual self development, spiritual practices, giving of our time and financial resources to serve the cause of spirit and justice in the world.  But this isn’t true.  We do – we simply must lay claim to our resources through positive intention and conscious choosing to make certain that we keep a foot in both worlds – our earthly life and the life of the spirit, and stand upright and live a more spiritually based and balanced life.  The more we invest in our spiritual development, spiritual practices and allocate the resources of time and money to serve the planet, in other words, the more balance we achieve between the physical world and the life of the spirit, the more all that we do will be infused with efficiency, calm, light, purpose and joy; and the greater contribution we are to the planet.  Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey,  modern day mystics, call this the birthing of the divine human which we must accomplish if our species is to survive.  The Pathwork Guide teaches that this is our calling.  May we answer the call.

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