The Calling Forth – The Full Story

By: Deb Rubinstein

On the weekend of May 8, 9, and 10, the Helpers-in-Training of the Pittsburgh Pathwork gathered on Zoom with Sue Van Doeren and the members of the Pittsburgh Pathwork Board of Directors for the Calling Forth of a new Spiritual Director. The process was facilitated and guided by Lorraine Marino who is the brilliant Helpership Teacher and biggest cheerleader of our region. She has led the process of Calling Forth many times within other Pathwork regions.

The preparation for this Calling Forth began over a year ago when our beloved and amazing Sue Van Doeren announced that she would be stepping down as the Spiritual Director of the Pittsburgh Pathwork region at the end of June 2020. Sue has been the Spiritual Director of the Pittsburgh Pathwork region since its inception over 10 years ago.

This preparation was a spiritual one where the Helpers in Training, who have completed 7 years of advanced Pathwork training and will be graduating in June of 2020, individually worked to clear their minds and hearts to be able to arrive at an open, neutral place. The aim was for each Helper in Training to be able to receive guidance from their own higher selves, the higher selves of the gathered Board community, and messages from all available Spirit Guides to feel whether they were being called to be the next Spiritual Director. The process involved prayer, meditation, and inner reflection.

It also included a December 2019 workshop by Renee Whatley, a Pathwork helper who has been an integral part of the formation and training in the Pittsburgh community and Amy Rhett who is the current Spiritual Director of the Philadelphia Pathwork Region. Lorraine Marino has provided ongoing guidance to the Calling Forth process.

On the weekend of the Calling Forth, a sacred space was created by meditation and intention. The group set an intention to hear and feel Divine Guidance. A part of this intention included the words of the Guide from Lecture 237 Leadership – Transcending Frustration, “I want to be an instrument of divine reality to enrich the world outside through the divinity that wants to express itself through me. I want to do this not for my ego aggrandizement nor for any other ulterior motive or advantage.”

Normally this process would be conducted in person. As that was not possible under the current circumstances, Lorraine developed a brilliant way to do it over Zoom. Each person who was sitting for guidance had a symbolically designated chair that they consecrated with a sacred covering. Each person sat in stillness for a period of time that was organically determined. Everyone in attendance acted as witnesses providing loving support and energy.

After each of the 12 Helpers in Training had an opportunity to sit, they shared what they had received. Each person was touched by the Divine Spirit in some way. Judy Talbert received and accepted the Call from Spirit to be the next Spiritual Director of our treasured Pathwork Community. All in attendance were joyously in agreement. Greater wisdom had been felt. A loving blessing was given to Judy. It was a profound and moving experience.

If you would like more information on the role of the Spiritual Director please click here.

Please save the date of Wednesday evening July 1, 2020, when there will be a celebration to mark the formal passing of the Spiritual Director leadership from Sue Van Doeren to Judy Talbert. An invitation will be coming by email.

As always, if you have any questions about this or anything related to Pittsburgh Pathwork, please use this contact form on our website. We typically respond to all requests within one day.

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