Spiritual Director Job Description


Last updated September 28, 2019


  • Oversees the development and functioning of all Pittsburgh Pathwork programs, activities, policies, practices from a transformational perspective.

Essential Functions:

  • Attends all Board meetings and Teachers Council and other committees as needed.
  • Meets with Board President to set agenda for and co-facilitate Board meetings.
  • Meets with Chairperson of Teachers Council [and/or Helper’s Council once one exists] to set agenda for Council meetings.
  • Reviews all mailings and presentations to make certain that all materials are in alignment with transformational principles.
  • Helps facilitate conflict resolution within the programs and structures of the Region drawing upon Pathwork principles and practices.
  • Be the steward of the community with an eye on threats to the health and stability, growth and development of the Region.
  • Along with Board President holds and honors the vision of the Region’s dynamism and movement, being alert to the human negativities and blocks among us that could cause breakdown or stagnation.
  • Aims for being “the good authority”.  Provides leadership which empowers others, being willing to pay the price of responsibility, assume the privilege of authority from one’s higher rather than personality self.
  • As a leader provides acknowledgement, validation and celebration, and when necessary limits, boundaries and correction to the community leadership and other systems which form as we live and work together in community.
  • Recognizes and lives out the understanding that true, effective leadership comes from being an effective leader in one’s own life and daily, diligently and ongoingly draws upon Pathwork principles and practices to fulfill on her (his) life personally, professionally and as the Spiritual Director of Pittsburgh Pathwork.
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