Kathy McCallister

Kathy began her spiritual quest in 1980 in the recovery community and remains an active member today. She has been involved with Pathwork for 25 years and is passionate about the teachings of Pathwork. She is a licensed Social Worker and has worked in private practice for 30 years with individuals, couples and groups. Kathy […]

Dinnie Goldring

Dinnie Goldring is a Pathwork helper as well as a psychotherapist who specializes in working with women and families during the childbearing years. Dinnie brings the experience of her decades long meditation practice, devotional practices, and experience as a Gestalt therapist to her practice as a helper. Dinnie is dedicated to bringing herself fully to […]

Linda Jean Philpott

Linda has been studying, training, and integrating the Pathwork Lectures for the past 15 years. She has completed all of the training opportunities offered. She is drawn to facilitating others to integrate themselves to be at one with their True Identity and in alignment with their Divine purpose in life. Contact: 724-612-9707 lindajeanruss@gmail.com

Billy Weil

Billy has a particular passion for supporting interpersonal relationships, grounded in the principle that successful relationships require first having an honest and loving relationship with one’s self. He is the founding board Vice President of Pittsburgh Pathwork and Chair of the Teachers Council. Billy was a Seminar Leader for est/Landmark Education for five years, and […]

Judy Talbert

Judy has been a spiritual seeker throughout her adult life and in 2003 began to focus on studying Pathwork lectures. Her devotion to a spiritual path has led her to a full and rich life. She brings to each worker an open heart, a sense of humor and an attitude of reverence for the uniqueness […]

Alecia Moyer-Basso

Alecia is a Pathwork Helper who has been studying and practicing Pathwork for over ten years. Alecia is a licensed social worker and trained in the 50-50. She brings her warmth and compassion to help others meet their darkness so that they can awaken to the light within themselves. Contact: 412-576-1104 alecia-moyer-basso@comcast.net

Kim Fitzpatrick

Kim brings kindness, compassion, and a strong holding to her workers, enabling them to work very deeply. Humor, warmth, and a creative mind bring levity to her sessions. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School where she honed her natural clairsentient abilities as an energy healing practitioner. She has been a passionate student […]

Joann Gago

The spiritual aspect attracted Joann Gago to Pathwork nine years ago, with intensive training over the past seven where she discovered her real self and learned practical solutions to life. A Master’s degree in nursing, progressive management experience, and living Pathwork principles supported the success of her non-profit program for frail, low income elderly adults […]

JoAnn Brickley

JoAnn has guided others towards their own inner strength for over 30 years. She has an enormous commitment to self-responsibility and to performing daily Pathwork practices. JoAnn has taught Pathwork Immersion Days, as well as Pathwork lectures in small and large group formats, for over three years. Her passion for teaching comes naturally and is […]

Deb Rubinstein

Deb has been a part of the Pittsburgh Pathwork program since its inception in 2009. Before doing this work, Deb had many blessings in her life, but she felt a yearning for something more. Through Pathwork, she has found joy and a connection to spirit. She is on the journey to uncover and live more […]

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