Transformation Program 2022

Pathwork Transformation Program

The 2022 Pittsburgh Pathwork Transformation Program (TP 2022) is an accelerated, two-and-a-half-year program of profound personal and spiritual development.

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The TP is life-changing. We learn to expand beyond our limited ideas of who we think we are. We identify and release the masks, defenses, and misconceptions that prevent us from living from our true, divine nature. It is a path to the liberation, freedom, and security we all long for.

TP 2022 begins September 9, 2022. There are 5 blocks. Each block is 5 months long. In each block there is a 3-day weekend (Friday night; most of Saturday and Sunday). The price per weekend is $350. Scholarships are available.

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Q&A March 3rd

On March 3 at 7:00 pm there will be an optional Q&A session over Zoom with the TP 2022 leaders, Amy Rhett and Renee Whatley. This is a free event and you do not need to register to attend. See the Events calendar for details.


The benefits of the TP can include:

  • Less fear and anxiety
  • More freedom
  • A greater feeling of connection (with self and others)
  • Ability to experience pleasure and joy (and to be able to hold onto that experience)
  • Enhanced communication
  • More empowered to take on new challenges
  • More in the flow of life
  • A greater connection with a higher power
  • Better understanding of yourself (we are complicated!)
  • More acceptance and compassion for yourself

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“Pathwork’s guidance to examine, claim, confront and transform negative energies has unleashed all of who I am; my Divine strengths, gifts, and vulnerabilities.  This has resulted in an incredibly joyful experience of shared life with all of creation.”
–Linda Philpott, Bradfordwoods, PA

“Pathwork continually awakens the Divine within me and opens me to the manifestation of limitless possibilities.”
–Debbie Davis, Pittsburgh, PA

“Pathwork has shown me how to show up in my own life, how to be exquisitely intimate with that life, and accepting all that it has to offer.”
–Julie Trapl, Imperial, PA

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