TP 2020 Commitment Intention

This is not a binding document. It is a statement of your intention.

I, the undersigned, fully intend to participate in the 2020 Pittsburgh Pathwork Transformation Program (TP 2020).

I understand the following will be required:

  1. The cost of monthly tuition is $350.
  2. In addition, I must have two sessions with a Pathwork Helper each month that I am in the program.
  3. I will be committing to the entire program of five blocks, each with five weekends. After I officially register, if I withdraw, I will be financially responsible for paying for the entire block (e.g., if I withdraw after the second month of the first block, I’ll owe for three more months).
  4. I promise to be present at all weekends. If there is an unforeseen circumstance that would prevent me from attending, then I must still a) pay for the weekend; b) schedule two, paid, one-hour sessions with the teacher to review what I missed.
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