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These are the currently defined options of what a graduate teacher can teach. If you have other ideas, please inform the Teachers’ Council. We are interested in your thoughts. Slide to see options for:

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  • Overview

    These are the currently defined options of what a graduate teacher can teach. You may have a new or different idea. If so, please let the Teachers’ Council know. We are interested in your thoughts. The goal of the Teachers’ Council is to maintain the highest quality of teaching Pathwork lectures and principles in the Pittsburgh Pathwork Region. A teacher must have received ten months of supervision or be currently in supervision to teach in the Pittsburgh Region. However the teaching method for imparting Pathwork principles is entirely up to the individual teacher. It is the request of the Teachers’ Council to have prior understanding of what the teacher plans to teach.

    There is a wide range of possibilities for creating a one time teaching or an ongoing group. Groups can be either “open” to new members or “closed” with a set membership. Groups can be created in which formal teaching is the basis of the group or groups can focus on discussion with a more informal teaching style.

    Please note the Teachers’ Council requests that all Pittsburgh Pathwork teachings be listed on our website Event Calendar. This is easily accomplished by filling out a form on our website.

  • Programs Offered for a Fee

    Regarding programs offered for a fee in our region

    1. For all programs, we request that:
      1. you have the basic information listed on our website.
      2. if your event is a public event, you have the event promoted in Pittsburgh Pathwork emails.
    2. If this is all you are asking of Pittsburgh Pathwork, then
      1. no fee is required.
      2. all scholarships would be handled and paid directly by you (not Pittsburgh Pathwork).
      3. the Board invites you to sit in meditation and ask for guidance on whether a conscious contribution would be appropriate.
    3. If you require any additional services from the Board, then a 10% fee to Pittsburgh Pathwork is required. These services might include any of:
      1. additional emails being sent to help you fill your program.
      2. support (as available) from the Growing Spaces committee to assist with your finding a venue, and possibly to assist with day-of, onsite logistics, as available.
      3. having the Abundance committee collect the money.
      4. Scholarships would be handled by the Helpership Council and come out of Pittsburgh Pathwork funds.

  • 2020 Teaching Guidelines

    Communicate What You Are Teaching

    The Teachers’ Council requests each teacher inform the Council as they begin formulating their thoughts regarding a plan for teaching. These initial thoughts would be provided to the Council in a short written outline/overview of what the teacher is considering. The report could be limited to one page.  The teacher would also need to attend a Council meeting prior to the teaching event.

    The Teachers’ Council requests notification a minimum of 30 days prior to the event. After the teaching is reviewed and feedback given, it will be posted on the website and announced to the Pathwork community and the public via meetings and the Pittsburgh Pathwork website.

    If the teacher needs approval for an event more quickly than a month, due to securing a meeting room or some other external reason, the teacher should email their request to all of the Teachers’ Council members. It is the intention of Council members to respond to the request within 48 hours or as soon as possible.


    Light Processing

    The completion of Helpership qualifies a teacher to do process work with participants. At this time those teachers having completed Helpership training are permitted to engage in “light process” work with students. Those having completed Teacher Training are asked to engage in non-process exercises only.


    Ongoing Groups

    For those who are teaching ongoing groups or a Beginner’s Group that is of a longer duration than four sessions, the Teachers’ Council requests a written report that is presented in person at a Teachers’ Council meeting outlining the teaching that is anticipated or has occurred for a three month period.


    When You Can Charge for Teaching

    It is the strong belief of the Teachers’ Council that all teaching will be done with both a passion for sharing the principles of Pathwork and a true desire to provide a service to students. Interwoven with that commitment and after a period of supervision, graduate teachers may either charge or request a contribution for their teaching.

  • First Wednesday

    The topic for the year and the individual lectures for each Wednesday will be established by the Teachers’ Council and the Pittsburgh Pathwork Board. A lecture is normally an hour and a half in length. Any teacher or several teachers as a team are qualified to teach one or several lectures during the year. A teacher must have received ten months of supervision or be currently in supervision to teach in the Pittsburgh Region. A First Wednesday is a free offering to the public.

  • First Wednesday Extension Group

    This would be offered after the First Wednesday and would use the same Pathwork lecture that was given at First Wednesday. It is hoped that Extension Groups would be offered in different Pittsburgh locations. A First Wednesday Extension is a free offering to the public.

  • Pathwork Principles

    This is a free, informal group offered from 6:15 to 6:50 PM, prior to the First Wednesday lecture. One Pathwork principle is taught each evening with the goal of giving those attending time for questions and discussion. It is aimed towards people new to Pathwork.

  • Beginner's Group Series

    A Beginner’s Group could be offered at any time and would be built on a series of introductory lectures that are foundational to Pathwork. The teacher(s) offering the series could decide what material they want to use. A list of introductory lectures has been developed by the Teachers’ Council and could be used for guidance in choosing lectures. Four members of our teachers group have already taught a Beginner’s Group and are available for advice. A minimum of four, two or two-and-a-half hour sessions are considered a good beginning for those attending. Beginner’s Groups are offered at no cost.

  • Pathwork Immersion Day

    This is a 6 to 8 hour event offered to the public and is viewed as a gateway from First Wednesdays to a deeper interest in Pathwork. The teacher can schedule the 6 to 8 hours in any format that works for them. It could be offered as a one-time event or an ongoing monthly event. The material used could be a deeper dive into the lecture that was presented at the First Wednesday of that month or any lecture of the teacher’s choosing.

    The fee is intentionally set at a reduced rate of $50 for the day per person to encourage attendance by those who are new to the Pathwork. An attendance of at least four participants would be expected or the event would be cancelled. The teacher offering the event would be guaranteed a fee of $500 for the day by the Pittsburgh Pathwork Board. Please see the document Pathwork Immersion Day for a more complete explanation of the payment structure. A teacher would be required to have offered or co-taught at least one First Wednesday in order to offer a Pathwork Immersion Day. The teacher(s) would be responsible for establishing the venue, managing money, and developing the roster of students.

  • Pathwork Lecture Series

    This is usually a four week series of teachings that are built on a theme. The series could be a very deep experience of one lecture or several lectures could be used to develop a theme for the series. $125 is the suggested fee for a series of four – two hour sessions. The teacher(s) would create the theme, establish the appropriate venue, manage the money, and develop the roster of those attending. The event would be published on the Pathwork website and announced at all Pathwork teaching to help promote the Series. A teacher would be required to have offered or co-taught at least one First Wednesday in order to offer a Pathwork Lecture Series.

  • Living Room Learning Series

    This offering was created as an option to continue the feeling of community and learning during a time of pandemic. Any teacher wishing to offer a traditional lecture, a Pathwork meditation, a Pathwork discussion group is welcome and encouraged to do so.

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