First Wednesdays: Oct. 6 – Jun. 1

Series Title: Working the Spiritual Path of Acceptance

2021-2022 Lectures

Oct: #25 The Path: Initial Steps, Preparation, and Decisions
Nov: #125 Transition from the No-Current to the Yes-Current
Dec: #167 Frozen Life Center Becomes Alive
Jan: #109 Spiritual and Emotional Health Through Restitution for Real Guilt
Feb: #47 The Wall Within
Mar: #206 Desire: Creative or Destructive
Apr: #104 Intellect and Will as Tools or Hinderances of Self-Realization
May: #198 Transition to Positive Intentionality
Jun: #254 Surrender

Schedule for each night
6:00-6:15 Social Time
6:15-6:50 Pathwork Principles*
7:00-9:00 Main Lecture

There is no cost for these lectures.

Location: Zoom (until further notice)
Meeting ID: 853 8021 1277
Passcode: 074 754
Phone: 312 626 6799

*About Pathwork Principles
Every month we set aside time to discuss any questions about Pathwork in general and/or the previous months lecture. We also do a brief teaching on one aspect of the previous month’s lecture. Bring your questions about any Pathwork topic.


#167 Frozen Life Center Becomes Alive (click to download)

In order to feel the life center in yourself, you need to find, examine, and accept all the avoided and painful emotions in order to dissolve them.  This is how the frozen life center becomes alive.   Join us in December as we look at how to meet and move through our fears and accept ourselves as we are so that we can travel through them on the path to transformation. To make the most of the evening, download and read or listen to the lecture 167.

For Pathwork Principles, we will recap #125 Transition from the No-current to the Yes-Current

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