My Experience on the Path – by Angela Shearon

Hello. My name is Angela. I was introduced into Pathwork in the fall of 2019 and have been working the path since then, close to five years now. My long-term pain: In my youth until now, I have always had a sense of a darkness, a block in the center of my being that I …

Autumn Prayer

Chrysanthemums are replacing the petunias at the farmers’ markets, and the open-aired bins are filled with brightly-colored, plump tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and the sweetest of fresh corn. The time of ripening and unfolding is at hand. Through the connection with the sun, the soil and the water – the rhythms of creation, life has unfolded …

Everybody Loves Me, Baby, What’s the Matter with You?

Pathwork teaches us that our Child Consciousness processes life in absolutes, or 100%/0% – while in reality it’s 50/50. As a Love Type my Child Consciousness manifests as, “You either love me or you dislike me.”  Moreover, anybody who doesn’t love me is a threat to me, and, loving is a defense mechanism. I’ve had hundreds of …

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