FAQs about Pathwork Helpers

What is a Pathwork Helper?

A Pathwork Helper is a worker on the Path who has responded to a calling to serve others on their journey to self-discovery through individual session work, lecture study, workshops, and/or leadership positions within the Pathwork community.  A certified Pathwork Helper has completed four to five years of an accredited Pathwork Transformation Program, as well as an additional five years of an accredited Helper Training Program and has apprenticed and assisted in Pathwork programs for several years.  Additionally, throughout their training and apprenticeship, individual session work is required and all Helpers work under supervision as long as they continue to teach and hold individual sessions.

Do I need a Helper?

The Pathwork lectures tell us that this work is impossible to do alone.  We need the help and support of others.  An intellectual understanding of the lectures is just a beginning.  For true transformation to take place, we must experience the truth contained in the lecture material at a personal level.  Individual session work with Helpers facilitates this process.  Helping us to see how our own negativity, unresolved childhood issues, and unmet needs are creating disharmony and conflict in our relationships with others and with the world.

How do I find a Helper?

You can find a Pathwork Helper by visiting the websites for the Pathwork regions listed under ‘Resources/Regions.’  These sites provide listings of the Helpers available in each region along with a brief biography and description of the Helper’s experience and background.

How do I choose a Helper?

Trust your instincts!  Read through the listings and see if you are drawn to a particular Helper(s).  Request an interview with that person(s) to determine your level of trust and comfort.  Although, ideally you would want to pick a Helper with whom you can have in-person sessions, currently there is only one Helper working in the Pittsburgh area.  However, many workers have sessions with their Helper via phone and/or internet video such as Skype.

How often would I meet with my Helper?

The frequency of Helper sessions is something you would want to discuss with the Helper(s) during the interview process.  A session is typically 50 -60 minutes in duration and usually occurs bi-weekly.  However, lengthier sessions may be requested and /or session frequency may be increased or decreased to suit your needs.

How expensive are Helper sessions?

Helper session fees vary depending on the experience and background of the Helper, but typically cost about as much as psychotherapy sessions.  Be sure to inquire as to the fees during your interview with any potential Helpers.

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