Carolyn Tilove

Carolyn was the founder of the Philadelphia Pathwork Region and now calls Pittsburgh her home. She graces our region with her wisdom, knowledge of Pathwork and her wit. Carolyn is enjoying retirement and is no longer accepting new workers.

Sue Van Doeren

Sue founded the Pittsburgh Pathwork Region in 2009 and retired as the Spiritual Director in 2020. She leaves a vibrant healthy community of 12 Helpers, 18 graduate teachers, an experienced governing board and numerous working committees. Sue is retiring to devote her time to her family, friends, gardening, music, racial justice, and a small number …

Peggy Williams

Peggy is a graduate of Pittsburgh Pathwork Helpership Training. She is a Pathwork Helper working with adults and adolescents in individual, group, and family settings. She is trained in trauma informed care and family therapy. Peggy is passionate about carrying the message of Pathwork to poor and underserved teens and people of color. Sessions may …

Linda Hester

Linda Hester is a Pathwork Helper and Naturopath Professional. She brings a combined approach of Pathwork consciousness and integrative holistic health principles to support Workers to raise awareness to mind, body and spiritual transformation. Linda began her Pathwork journey in 2010 in Philadelphia and completed her Helpership training in Pittsburgh. She is an experienced, licensed …

Alexander Denmarsh

Alexander has been a part of the Pittsburgh Pathwork program since its inception in 2009 and became a helper in June of 2020.

Kathy McCallister

Kathy began her spiritual quest in 1980 in the recovery community and remains an active member today. She has been involved with Pathwork for 25 years and is passionate about the teachings of Pathwork. She is a licensed Social Worker and has worked in private practice for 30 years with individuals, couples and groups. Kathy …

Kay Comini

Kay is a newly graduated Pathwork Helper. She first learned about Pathwork in 2004 and has been studying consistently since then. She was a founding member of the Pittsburgh Pathwork Board of Directors and is currently working as a member of the Abundance Committee. Kay has been on a conscious spiritual journey for 35 years. …

Dinnie Goldring

Dinnie brings caring, compassionate, and playful wisdom to her work as a helper. Her warm and inviting energy and sincere curiosity about others’ lives, encourages trust and honesty in those with whom she works. One of Dinnie’s strengths is her confidence and trust in the Pathwork process: that working through our darkest parts brings us …

Linda Jean Philpott

Linda has been studying, training, and integrating the Pathwork Lectures for the past 15 years. She has completed all of the training opportunities offered. She is drawn to facilitating others to integrate themselves to be at one with their True Identity and in alignment with their Divine purpose in life. Contact: 724-612-9707

Billy Weil

Billy has a particular passion for supporting interpersonal relationships, grounded in the principle that successful relationships require first having an honest and loving relationship with one’s self. He is the founding board Vice President of Pittsburgh Pathwork and Chair of the Teachers Council. Billy was a Seminar Leader for est/Landmark Education for five years, and …

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