First Wednesdays Lecture Series: Inner Citizenship: A New Republic of the Heart

Rodef Shalom, 4905 5th Avenue, Pgh, PA 15213
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. 

Lectures are free and all are welcome (no RSVP required). Come early to mingle and enjoy treats graciously provided by Tazza D’Oro.  (Schedule)

PATHWORK PRINCIPLES (6:15 – 6:50 p.m.)
New to Pathwork or want to  brush up on the basics? Join us before each First Wednesday lecture for a brief teaching on a topic followed by discussion.

LECTURES (7:00 – 9:00 p.m.)

Oct 2 – LAW OF PAYING THE PRICE:  #25 Initial Steps, Prep, and Decisions
Facing ourselves as we are — with truth and compassion, with all our imperfections — in our daily spiritual practices is the steep and essential price to be paid for transforming ourselves and the world.

There is nothing that happens in our lives that we are not responsible for, or in the world that we do not have a piece of.  To save ourselves and humankind we must take responsibility for what we are creating that is painful and unjust, and sow the seeds of love, justice, and mercy in our hearts.

Dec 4 – THE LAW OF BROTHERHOOD:  #26 Finding our Faults
Our faults not only cause harm to us but to others and the world as well. The best way to care for others is to do our own work to release our negativity.

Jan 8 – THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT and LAW OF TRANSFORMING NEGATIVITY:  #245 Cause and Effect on Various Levels of Consciousness and #148 Positivity and Negativity One Energy Current
The life force filled with all that is good flows naturally until it is stopped by negative beliefs and attitudes that twist the life force in the wrong direction. But when we face our negativity, the life force will be returned to its normal, beautiful, generous state.

Feb 5 – LAWS OF GIVING AND RECEIVING AND DIVINE ACCEPTANCE: #37 Acceptance, Right and Wrong Way – Dignity in Humanity
In order to receive what the Divine has to give us individually and as a people, we must be willing to give up our attachment to our negativity — which we think keeps us safe.

Mar 4 – LAW OF ABUNDANCE:  #128 Fences Man Puts Up through Limited Illusory Alternatives
There is ever-flowing beauty, power, and forces for good available to us and the world, but we are fenced off from this goodness by our fears. We must face, feel, and move through our fear to access the infinite abundance of the universe.

Apr 1 – LAW OF LIVING IN TRUTH:  #236 Superstition of Pessimism
Only when we live in truth can the Divine get in to help us. Actually, we are afraid to believe in the potential of good available within and around us – that we might get disappointed. So we stay safe in our painful pessimism.

May 6 – LAW OF INFINITE INTELLIGENCE:  #126 Contact with the Life Force
The ever-flowing life force within and without is profoundly intelligent, has all the answers, is there to help us for our smallest and largest concerns — if we call upon it.

Jun 3 – LAW OF DHARMA/PURPOSE:  #212 Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness
When we are faced with a personal or world crisis we are called to face our blocks of blame and fear so that we can open our hearts and heal ourselves and the world.

This year’s lectures are focused on the theme: Inner Citizenship: A New Republic of the Heart.  With the advent of the 2020 elections, many of us experience fear, anger, uncertainty, and a host of other emotions. Will this be business as usual or something new?  Moreover, where do we fit in? What does it mean to be a citizen of the country and of the world? It starts with being a citizen of our own hearts.  Only when we find our inner authority and confront our inner conflicts we have real power externally.  In this year’s lecture series, we’ll explore how Pathwork spiritual laws can provide insights, guidance, and opening in a new way of being that makes a difference with ourselves and with the world.

We recommend you read the lecture prior to attending to get the most from the lecture, but this is not necessary. Lectures can be downloaded from clicking the links below.

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