This month we worked on lecture #144: Lecture #144: “The Process and Significance of Growing.” Download: Lecture #144 PDF  Lecture Summary.

This month we worked on lecture #199: The Meaning of the Ego and its Transformation – Download: Lecture #199 PDF  Lecture Summary.

This month we worked on lecture #181: The Meaning of the Human Struggle (click to download).  For those of you who would like to deepen your experience with the lecture, it is suggested that you read the lecture a couple of times and for homework write a one paragraph statement that describes your personality – both strengths and weaknesses.  Then write a one paragraph statement that describes how you would like to be. Access Full Written Lecture.  Access Lecture Summary

This month we started our series on Self Awareness beginning with a great lecture #77  Self Confidence – Its True Origin and What Prohibits It.  Access Full Written Lecture.  Access Lecture Summary.

This month we reviewed our series on Relationships and studied lecture #257 Communication and Group Consciousness, Click here to download. This is a fabulous lecture and life-changing in its potential.

This month we studied lecture #138, “The Human Predicament of Desire for, and Fear of, Closeness.”  The lecture can be downloaded here. We are continuing our studies on the challenges of relationship and how our essential humanness is revealed as we seek to reach out to or avoid others.  Access Lecture Summary

This month we studied lecture #133, “What is Love.”  The lecture can be downloaded here. For homework I suggest that before you read the lecture you write in your Pathwork journal your reflections on “what is love.” Then, after reading the lecture, write again in your journal your understanding of what the Guide means when he/she talks about love. This is a most powerful lecture and challenges much of what we human beings have been taught about the search for love.  Access Lecture Summary

This month we studied lecture #123, “Overcoming Fear of the Unknown.”  The lecture can be downloaded here. You are invited to read the lecture if you like, actually reading it several times would help!  This is one of those lectures that wraps around itself in many interesting ways.  Homework:  Write in your Pathwork journal your reflections re your fear of death.  Access Lecture Summary

Based on Lecture # 72 “The Fear of Loving” this lecture offers a very interesting twist on how we can’t truly trust and surrender to love because we are not trustworthy to ourselves. If you wish, read the lecture – maybe a couple of times. Then describe in your journal your patterns of submission and aggression in your most intimate relationships.  i.e. how do you submit (sell out) from the fear of losing love?  How do you aggress upon the other (criticize, judge, blame) when you are not getting your needs met or you are afraid they won’t get met.  Access Full Lecture.  Access Lecture Summary.

This month we studied lecture #185 which can be found at here.  We recommend you read the lecture prior to listening and to the best of your ability write in your Pathwork journal what you consider to be the faults, weaknesses, and negativities that you bring to your relationships with others – especially those close to you.  In this lecture the Guide teaches that we cannot achieve the love and connection that we long for until we face all the ways that we block it.  He/she actually refers to these blocks as “evil.”

This month we studied Lecture #58: The Desire for Happiness and Unhappiness. This is a truly fascinating lecture with a twist and turn that will leave your head spinning.   If we don’t get the happiness we “demand,” we are prone to punish ourselves as a way of gaining some control over life to which we feel helpless. For homework, try answering as honestly as you can these two questions:

  1. What is it that I absolutely demand of life?
  2. If I can’t/don’t/won’t get it how do I cope?

This month we studied lecture #106, “Sadness Versus Depression”. Sadness as a genuine emotion is an enriching experience for the soul – and will not leave a scar. On the other hand, depression is an affliction that prevents us from relating to others.  Dissolving depression helps us overcome painful feelings, but also liberates faculties which will work for us in life and not against us. You are invited to do the following homework assignment:  Recall a time in your life when you were deeply sad and a time when you were depressed.  Write about both of these experiences and see if you can tell and feel the differences between the two experiences.

This month we studied lecture #180, “The Spiritual Significance of Human Relationships.” The Guide teaches that the inner conflicts needing to be faced and addressed show up in our human relationships. Our relationships can be a yardstick showing us where we are stuck and where growth is needed in our lives. Suggested homework:  Write in your journal about a disharmony you are experiencing in one of your relationships.  It can be with a partner, boss, family member or friend.  Describe the situation in your journal.  Then look for what inner problem(s)  in you are called into play by the disharmony. If you don’t see anything, in meditation ask your higher self that you be helped to see your part.  See what eventually comes to you.

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