Experience a new consciousness!

When:   Saturday, April 21, 2018 – 10:00 am to 1:30 pm
Where:  First United Methodist Church 5401 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Cost:     Donations Appreciated. Funds support scholarships to make our work more available in the region.

Registration Requested!  Please click here to register so we can plan accordingly

Pittsburgh Pathwork, an organization dedicated to personal transformational work, invites you to celebrate meditation as a potent way to experience consciousness! Whether you are a beginner or experienced meditator, come to start or expand your practice with nine different teachers! Select from three different meditations per session to create your own unique experience. Each meditation session includes a teaching, one or two guided meditations, and time for reflection and sharing.

Click here to see when each of the meditations is scheduled so you can plan your own individual experience!  Following is a description of each:

Three Chair Meditation An active meditation to learn how to express the thoughts one observes in the mind during Mindful Meditation, bring listening and corrective wisdom to those thoughts in need of transformation, and ask the Divine for help.

Meditation to Address an Issue for Healing An active meditation used to confront a disharmony or issue within by working compassionately with yourself.

Krishna Das Call and Response Chanting Chanting with music is a spiritual experience. Experience the energy of the singing and drumming as it melts into your soul.

Qi Gong Meditation Learn a gentle movement meditation from Qi Gong, known to enhance the flow of one’s vital energy in support of health and well-being.

Hathor Sound Meditation Listen to an intergalactic group of beings transmitting sounds through channel Tom Kenyon, while meditating for transformation of consciousness and healing for our planet.

The Recalcitrant Meditator A meditation for those who struggle to get into meditating, can’t count to three without one’s mind drifting off, or just can’t get excited about a regular meditation practice.

Peaceful Abiding Known as mindfulness or peaceful abiding, Shambhala meditation calms the mind, opens awareness and welcomes all of who we are.

Creating the Life You Want Clarify what you truly want in your life, and find out what stands in your way to have that desire become reality.

Movement Meditation The energy of our thoughts and feelings live in our bodies as well as our minds. This is an opportunity to connect with ourselves by connecting with our bodies through movement.

Questions? Email meditation@pittsburghpathwork.org or call Pam Grove at 412-726-4103.  Parking is available in the church lot.

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