2015-2016 First Wednesday Lecture Series: Spiritual Practices

Pittsburgh Spiritual Practices

2015-2016 First Wednesday Lecture Series – SPIRITUAL PRACTICES

Location: Friends Meeting House, 4836 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA  15213

Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (come early and mingle)

These free, two-hour lectures are led by Sue Van Doeren. Admission is free and all are welcome. You do not need to RSVP. We recommend you read the lectures prior to attending, but this is not at all necessary, just beneficial. Lectures can be downloaded from www.Pathwork.org.

Did You Miss One?  Click Here to Access Recorded Lectures!

We will be studying Spiritual Practices:

Oct. 7, 2015: #36 Prayer (access/download lecture)

Nov. 4, 2015: #17 The Call – Daily Review  (access/download lecture)

Dec. 2, 2015: #180 The Spiritual Significance of Human Relationship (access/download lecture)

Jan. 6, 2016: #190 Importance of Experiencing All Feelings (access/download lecture)

Feb. 3, 2016: #256 Inner Space (access/download lecture)

Mar. 2, 2016: #182 The Process of Meditation; Meditation for Three Voices (access/download lecture)

Apr. 6, 2016: #194 Meditation: Its Laws and Various Approaches (access/download lecture)

May 4, 2016: #41 Images: The Damage They Do (access/download lecture)

Jun. 1, 2016: #183 Spiritual Meaning of Crisis (access/download lecture)

All lectures can be downloaded and printed from www.pathwork.org

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