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Starts July 8! What’s Your Personality Type?! A 4-Week Pathwork Teleclass

cartoonCo-taught by Mary Elliott and Carol Day

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Take a deep dive into learning what makes you tick. Our focus is the fascinating topic of personality types. Have a July vacation planned? No problem! All you need is a phone and a notebook. And … all classes are recorded for 6 months.

Here’s a mini-quiz to get you started:

1) What makes you feel best about yourself?

a. Being detached and objective

b. Being independent and strong

c. Being loving and modest

2) When someone “pushes your buttons,” do you usually:

a) Get angry?

b) Try to give them what they want?

c) Remain detached or remove yourself from the situation?

d) Do a combination of responses?

The Road Map

Week 1: An overview of the 3 personality types – reason, will and emotion

Week 2: Learn what your preferred defensive reaction is and how to respond better

Week 3: The Idealized Self as it applies to your personality type

Week 4: Love, power and serenity – the negative and positive aspects

What you will receive:

  1. A different focus each week on the many facets of the Pathwork personality types
  2. A deeper understanding of self and others
  3. A box of tools for responding rather than reacting
  4. The experience and insight of two Pathworkers with 40 years (yikes!) combined Pathwork history
  5. 75 minutes for 4 weeks – 75 minutes of teaching, interspersed with sharing and Q&A
  6. Your own 30-minute consultation to deepen your experience, scheduled throughout the 4 weeks of class and for one week after close of class

Register and pay for this class here

When: 7:30-8:45 p.m., Wednesdays July 8, 15, 22, 29

Where: On the phone! Conference call info will be sent out with preparatory information, upon receipt of payment in full

Cost: Due June 30: $125 by check to Carol Day, 21 Whittier Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08618. OR by debit/credit on Paypal on the events page at

About the Leaders

Carol Day – Carol has been Philadelphia Pathwork Helper since 1998, also a Healer graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She runs a full-time Pathwork counseling practice, as well as an energetic healing practice in Trenton, NJ

Mary Elliott – Mary has been in private practice in Somerset, NJ as a Pathwork Helper since 2012 and a Pathwork Teacher since 2010. She has been a student of Pathwork for 20 years. To learn more about Mary, please visit her website: