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Feb. 4, 2014 – The Process and Significance of Growing – All Are Welcome

Pittsburgh Pathwork Lecture

Join us for First Wednesdays on Feb. 4, 2015, 7-9 PM, Lecture #144: “The Process and Significance of Growing” at Friends Meeting House in Shadyside. Attendance is free as are great treats from Tazza D’Oro.

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From this month’s lecture #144:

As long as human consciousness is geared to duality and cannot transcend it, the growth process is very problematic. Growth is movement in time and space; therefore, growth on the dualistic plane automatically moves toward its opposite. From the moment you are born you move toward death. From the moment you unfold and grow toward fulfillment, the downward curve of destruction begins. From the moment you strive for any kind of happiness, you must fear its opposite. In ever-changing rhythm, the cyclic, eternal movement of growth must inevitably approach its opposite. It moves from life to death to life and back; from construction to destruction to construction. One brings forth the other.

It is exceedingly important to understand this concept, for it is one of the major reasons you resist growth. It is a deep resistance, beyond the psychological quirks of neurosis. This fundamental opposition to growth is still found even after neuroses have been transcended and dissolved. It explains why, as long as you perceive life in dualistic terms, you fear growth; for you fear that reaching a goal will bring on its destruction. You delude yourself by stemming against time, by “postponing” fulfillment and thus also the feared opposite. The status quo, stagnation, creates agitation, or movement in the distorted sense.

As long as growth takes place on the dualistic plane, there is always a peak to be reached, and after that peak, a descent. And so all living things on the dualistic plane move in a perpetual cycle of life and death, construction and destruction, of being and becoming. In nature, the plant grows in spring toward fruition in summer. In the fall it slowly dies. In the winter it is no more. Only its dormant life potential slumbers in the soil, waiting for the seed to grow again in spring. This is the growth process. The joy during the upward curve can never be full and carefree, without anxiety, for even before the peak is reached, the downside will be anticipated.

On the unified plane of consciousness, because there are no more opposites to be feared, the dichotomy no longer exists. Self-realization always leads to the experience and perception of the unitive state. Conversely, the unitive state cannot come about any other way than through self-realization.

Self-realization means shedding the layers of error so that the real self, the divine, eternal inner being, comes to the fore. You can shed these layers of pain, error, confusion, and limitation only when you no longer run away from yourself; when you are willing to look at yourself as you really are instead of as you want to be; when you accept yourself in the moment, when you do not struggle against your temporary state, even though you understand its error. This is the work you are doing on this path.

It is entirely erroneous to assume that unitive perception cannot occur on the earthly plane. It is possible, absolutely possible, for anyone willing to expand his or her consciousness. Expansion is a very simple process of questioning the verity of your limited ideas, the correctness of what you assume to be unalterably thus and so. This, in turn, can be done only when you honestly look at your most subtle moods and reactions and translate them into concise words. You then find out that these reactions and reflexes, these emotions and moods, are based on certain assumptions you have never questioned, since all is kept in the dark of vagueness and easy rationalization. This is why your pathwork is of such immeasurable importance.