Archive | August 2013

The Forrest

Here, I can hear the sound of life and know the beauty of God’s love in the chirping birds and the songs they sing. I feel the cool comfort of my Lord’s breath brush along my skin in the heat of the day and am refreshed by the air infiltrating my lungs with freshness.

I am in awe of the grandeur and majesty of the forest and trees. There are so many different kinds of growth at various stages of development. It occurs to me that they are not much unlike humans in the course of their existence.

All trees aspire to the light that gives them energy to streeurvive. Some are mighty and strong; some are prickly while the leaves of others appear to be soft enough to invite a tender caress. Fading trees have few leaves while others stand in their place rigid, still, dry and baron. In time, they will recline and regenerate rich soil and new life.

Saplings sprout up and grow tall, over-shadowing and absorbing needed light from the elders. As time passes, vines and ivy cling onto their trunks and branches, sapping nourishment from the shaded timbers.  The young ones seem to soar ahead in vitality and stature.

I also notice some trees stand alone, far apart from others. The lone trees appear to be stoic, self-sustaining, independent and strong; without the imposition of shadows and vines.

Each individual tree and bush is unique but vital to the others regardless of their position or status. For together they create a beautiful, completely whole and necessary ecosystem for the world.

Likewise, the sustenance for our soul is rooted in the struggle to find the light.   As we tap into our core and illuminate variations of our formation, we grow and flourish.  The seasons bring about new meaning and we are strengthened.  The brilliance of the spirit shines through and casts a radiant glow on all and our lives are forever enriched.

Peg Pohuly, August 2013