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Embrace Change and Celebrate Your Capacity for Growth

As the days cycle into changing weather and fall begins to pass into winter,  hints  of  the holiday season are in the air.  Cinnamon scented pine cones are replacing the mums at the grocery stores and The Salvation Army is on air inviting our giving for the holiday season.  Already I have ordered the  20 pound organic turkey from a local farm and I am rolling over in my mind the Thanksgiving dishes I’ll prepare from my grandmothers, through my mother to me and now to my daughters and their families……”those ties that bind”.
As I reflect upon my gratitudes,  at the head of the list with my daughters and their families and all those “ties that bind”,  I am most grateful for our capacity as human beings to grow, heal, transform and change. Not that we can be counted on to exercise this amazing capacity, but it is life’s gift to us nonetheless, whether we use this power or not.  As a matter of fact, there is that condition of being human within us that actually resists and fights the very change that is possible and that we long for.  Let us become conscious of that part of us that resists change and wants to keep things the same – that part of us that is afraid and would rather feel secure in the known even though it is unsatisfying and in some cases, actually painful.  May we comfort, support and extend acceptance to this frightened part so that it may gradually relax,  soften and melt slowly into the change that we long for.  As we approach Thanksgiving 2012, may we celebrate our capacity for growth, healing, transformation and change.
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